Holiday Celebration!

kharkiv aAdmintag posted Dec 2, 14
Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday until the 25th of december there will be a new map added to parkour!!!

Happy Holidays!

frazer4444 Bring back Creative it was AWESOME & my friends and I built some amazing thing PLEASE bring back Creative :( it was ...
RyanV10824 Sounds Cool!!! I also Finally Joined The Forums! Whoo! ...
_p0h_ Modtag Just noticed the title...."Holliday Celebration" Just one too many "l"s khar! So close!

New website?

_RoklGames_ aOwnertag posted Jul 14, 14

So recently i have been working on a new website design, it will remove enjin. It has come to a paoint where enjin is just not big enough for what we have to do. Please comment what you think of the new website so far and such. 

ToxicPika It seems cool bruh
tamedtigergirl69 I truly don't care and I never will because I was banned for no reason and I am about to have my friend, a hacker copy t ...
Jordanw1284 Love it! i also love the games you are adding !!!!!!!!!! ...

PBPanda8 banana
CalumJ2010 Love the server so much! thanx Rokl! ...
GeniusGuy21 tag Hes not that good ender! His words!