It's time!

TheFirstMango Prison posted Dec 8, 14
It's the time everyone's been waiting on, Infinite Prison is making its return!

We will be releasing the server around 6:30 pm Eastern time on this Friday, December 12th. At this time, all members of the IN community will be able to play and enjoy the prison. It is our hope that you all enjoy it and have fun. We're sorry for the delay in releasing it.

Quick few notes: As with any new server, there may be bugs and/or minor glitches. If this happens, the wardens and admins will do our best to correct them quickly as possible. Either contact us in game, or make a post on the prison section of the forums. We want to make sure your experience is great, and you can help us make sure that happens. Also, the prison has some different rules compared to parkour due to the role play element involved. So make sure you read the list when you join!

Hope you enjoy, and see you then!

~Mango and the Prison staff
RyanV10824 FINALLYY!!! Its AWESOME!!!
magiclollyl Chat-Mod But at 11:30pm at night GMT xD Guess who won't be sleeping tonight?? xx ...
Super_Newt Arch YAS YASYAS YASYAYSASYASYAY I cannot wait! I will play until my heart stops

Holiday Celebration!

kharkiv aAdmintag posted Dec 2, 14
Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday until the 25th of december there will be a new map added to parkour!!!

Happy Holidays!

frazer4444 Bring back Creative it was AWESOME & my friends and I built some amazing thing PLEASE bring back Creative :( it was ...
RyanV10824 Sounds Cool!!! I also Finally Joined The Forums! Whoo! ...
_p0h_ Modtag Just noticed the title...."Holliday Celebration" Just one too many "l"s khar! So close!

About removing creative

_RoklGames_ aOwnertag posted Nov 29, 14
Where's creative?!

We've been planning on removing Creative for awhile now... So we were ready when the server crashed and everything broke.

The good news is.....

Every creative donator gets either Iron or GOLD on Parkour for free!

You can still connect but it is just building, no ranks.
Connect here

We have many more mini games on the way, so creative will sadly not be coming back.

- RoklGames
mejustin5 Hey, I realize I have not been on FOREVER. Since then I heard creative has gone down. I had Legend+ on creative, but alr ...
Domenic_Hankle tag I had beautiful builds (Not really) but still, I'll miss you creative. WAIT MY STICK FIGURE Oh nuuuu ;-;
jakeycakes03 I bought Legend+ on creative... Sveiny said I would get 2k points I only got 1k ...

New website?

_RoklGames_ aOwnertag posted Jul 14, 14

So recently i have been working on a new website design, it will remove enjin. It has come to a paoint where enjin is just not big enough for what we have to do. Please comment what you think of the new website so far and such. 

ToxicPika It seems cool bruh
tamedtigergirl69 I truly don't care and I never will because I was banned for no reason and I am about to have my friend, a hacker copy t ...
Jordanw1284 Love it! i also love the games you are adding !!!!!!!!!! ...

PBPanda8 banana
CalumJ2010 Love the server so much! thanx Rokl! ...
GeniusGuy21 tag Hes not that good ender! His words!