A message to our players

kharkiv aAdmintag posted Sun at 20:50

I know that people have been talking about a certain server that I will not name stealing the maps from Infinite Network, for the second time. The server then made a "new" parkour server and used all of our maps. This is terrible, and we're all extremely furious about this. But. On behalf of Infinite, I don't want you to spam, advertise, or make a fool of yourself on this server or their website. We're a better server then that and a better community. As a community we can constantly be making Infinite better, and don't have to put ourselves at a lower level.

I thank you for your cooperation and continued support of the server. I've seen quite a few servers in my day, but you guys constantly show yourself to be the best community. Thank you.

- Khar
EnderApocalypse The guys that created dat false server are just stupid.
batyablueberry MOG!! This guy...
chessgeek10 I would take this as a compliment that our parkour is just that good.

1.8 and you

kharkiv aAdmintag posted Sep 2, 14
Yay 1.8 is finally out! But to get onto IN, you'll need to keep using 1.7. We, like every other server that uses bukkit, are not able to update the server until bukkit *cough* dinnerbone *cough* come out with a 1.8 build. We'll keep you posted, and it shouldn't take long =)

kharkiv aAdmintag Weeeeeeee'er updating
kharkiv aAdmintag *** Update *** Bukkit is closing up shop. It could be a while for us (and every other server in the world) to update ...
fleebow8 Why did bukkit have to get it self into legal trouble...

New website?

_RoklGames_ aOwner posted Jul 14, 14

So recently i have been working on a new website design, it will remove enjin. It has come to a paoint where enjin is just not big enough for what we have to do. Please comment what you think of the new website so far and such. 

tamedtigergirl69 I don't care because u staff members treat me like garbage!
eliztheman the reason why I love this server because I just love all the parkour you can do cause im a parkour lover
GeniusGuy21 tag I really like the website mainly because of the way it is set up like Spazo_Boy said because its so much easier to find ...

New IP's!

_RoklGames_ aOwner posted Feb 23, 14
Use EU.InfiniteNetwork.net if you're in Europe

Use USWEST.Infinitenetwork.net if you live on the WEST coast of the US.

Use USEAST.Infinitenetwork.net if you live on the EAST coast of the US.
MooMooTheCow Rokl you should totally add a Canadian IP. ...
XxBornConfuseDxX When im trying EU.InfiniteNetwork.net it says can't resolve hostname ...
Zombieminers002 I've tried all three and they all give me the same connection...

cooldudezz j-archtag i was inb4 this server hub was made (one of the first) so nostalgic!!
WiiiFreak123 Slick xD
SLIMEISCOOL tag haha "im not actually that good"
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