New website?

_RoklGames_ aOwnertag posted Jul 14, 14

So recently i have been working on a new website design, it will remove enjin. It has come to a paoint where enjin is just not big enough for what we have to do. Please comment what you think of the new website so far and such. 

Baran1881 I honestly think that this website is perfectly fine. We have gotten so much work done on here and so much have forum po ...
ToxicPika It seems cool bruh
tamedtigergirl69 I truly don't care and I never will because I was banned for no reason and I am about to have my friend, a hacker copy t ...

PBPanda8 banana
CalumJ2010 Love the server so much! thanx Rokl! ...
GeniusGuy21 tag Hes not that good ender! His words!